tiny music synopsis

Though an adult, Ezra lives with his parents who want him to pursue achievable goals, and to take practical steps towards functioning in “normal” society. Ezra goes through the motions of complying, but secretly begins taking violin lessons with Sylvie, a charismatic, iconoclastic woman, who champions individuality and unconventionality. Sylvie teaches Ezra about himself and his culture as she teaches him music, spurring his curiosity and sense of self. Ezra’s unique perspective helps Sylvie “open her ears” in a new way and the two are left to confront their newfound intimacy.


In pursuit of Sylvie, Ezra estranges himself from his disapproving family for a time. When a he reestablishes contact, Ezra discovers that his father has died of an aggressive cancer. Overwhelmed, Ezra’s reality ripples; old-world folk tale characters (introduced to him in his music lessons) infiltrate his consciousness, Ezra eventually recovers and has to renegotiate his relationships with his mom, his dreams, and himself.


Throughout the show, the audience is immersed in Ezra’s unique auditory world through a highly detailed immersive soundscore. Multi-channel sound design is interwoven with live instruments. Realistic sounds float, loop, blur, distort, extend, rhythmicalize and harmonize as Ezra becomes entranced by elements of his environment. Even the actors’ voices are sometimes manipulated through innovative live-processing technology. Beyond being musically and sonically evocative, tiny music invites the audience to listen to the world afresh through Ezra’s ears, and thus to consider all our differences as unique individuals – what it might be like to live in someone else’s skin.